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About Avon Fitness Machiness

Raised and nurtured by the flagship Avon Cycles Limited of the AVON group of Ludhiana, we are proud inheritors of its more than six decades old and meticulously built trust of the consumer. As subsidiary, we are specially focused and exclusively dedicated to the fitness needs of our patrons both for home as well as commercial use.

The range of our offerings – spanning a carefully selected variety of some 130 world class machines to start with – places us in a unique position, so that the customer has a complete and wide choice of branded items under one roof. A first in the segment, initially, we have made this available in select locations.

Each unit of the AVON keep-fit series we offer features ergonomic design for user comfort, elegant and modern looks, year long warranty and full support by our technically qualified personnel.

In keeping with the Group’s central theme of work and business philosophy, we are committed to serve our customer quality, at affordable price. Our goal: one stop service, unmatched anywhere.